Zhengkai Chen

Incoming PhD Student

Appointments and Affiliations

  • 08/2024 – Present Ph.D. Student, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Duke University

Contact Information

  • Office Location: Room 398 Gross Hall


  • 09/2020 – 06/2022 B.S., Material Science and Engineering, Department of Material, Sichuan University
  • 08/2022 – 04/2024 B.S., Material Science and Engineering, Swanson School of Engineering, University of Pittsburgh

Research Interests

I grew up in Chaozhou, Guangdong province. My undergraduate is in a dual degree program of Sichuan University and University of Pittsburgh. My undergraduate research at Sichuan University is guided by Prof. Yifan Wu, I delved into amine-based electrochemical CO2 capture. At University of Pittsburgh, I worked in Prof. Nathaniel Rosi's lab where I studied the synthesis, characterization, and gas adsorption properties of MOFs. I also worked in computational material lab. Studying spinel crystal based on DFT calculation under the supervision of Prof. Guofeng Wang.

At Feng Group, my main research interest is in developing functional material (metal-organic framework, polymer) for direct CO2 capture from air and sea. I will focus on mitigating greenhouse effect and climate change based on material engineering route. My hobbies are listening to music (especially JJ Lin), collecting music equipment, badminton, and photography.