Chenao Zhang

Incoming PhD Student

Appointments and Affiliations

  • 08/2024 – Present Ph.D. Student, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Duke University

Contact Information

  • Office Location: Room 398 Gross Hall


  • 09/2020 – 07/2024 B.S., Poling Class, College of Chemistry, Nankai University
  • 08/2023 – 03/2024 Visiting Research Intern, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests

I was raised in Henan, China, and attended college in Tianjin. My lifelong aspiration is to turn my research into useful therapeutics with the help of my chemistry background. At Feng Group, I’m exploring the potential of active pumping in biomedicine. 

Before coming to Duke, I was a visiting research intern at the Sgourakis Lab, Penn Medicine. Inspired by the metabolomics of cancer cells, I attempted to identify cancer metabolites as novel MR1 ligands and elaborate on their roles in the antigen presentation pathway. I also studied the effect of oxidative PTMs on α-synuclein’s structure and aggregation under the supervision of Prof. Gongyu Li, in which I gained experience in protein mass spectrometry. 

I love reading novels, watching movies/animes, going to the gym, and cooking! By the way, I’m a Magic: The Gathering/chess player. Try to beat me in these games!