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Carbon Capture

We are an interdisciplinary research team in the Thomas Lord Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Duke. Our mission is to develop innovative materials and mechanisms to address pressing global challenges in energy, climate, and health. We have two directions in the group:

(1) Climate and Energy: The climate crisis is reshaping how we harvest, store, and consume energy globally. The Feng Group at Duke is dedicated to addressing grand challenges in energy, climate, and environmental sustainability by working at the intersection of materials, photo- and electrochemical, and polymer science and engineering. Our goal is to create innovative materials for capturing essential elements like carbon dioxide from air and sea, and to develop sustainable strategies for using these elements. We will use fundamental chemistry principles to develop novel techniques that aid in a fair transition to a net-zero carbon future, providing access to efficient, climate-friendly energy management.

(2) Biomaterials and Biomedicine: Our research aims to advance the understanding and application of molecular mechanisms in biology by developing artificial molecular machines. These machines will enable precise and controlled against-concentration-gradient movement of molecules within specific environments. We aim to use these principles in synthetic biology and designer cells to significantly enhance health outcomes. Steps include improving drug delivery methods and addressing issues in precision medicine, thereby contributing to the fundamental knowledge of living systems and their applications in health and disease management. Additionally, we study bio-inspired materials and bio-interfaces, concentrating on their impact on health and the effects of greenhouse gases on biological systems. 

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